Investments that have maximum community impact

You probably know that government-funded projects in the United States face many hurdles. With the onslaught of bureaucracy, regulations, permits, and contracts, many building and infrastructure projects get mired in the process. Often, they are delayed, or costs increase, or timelines slow, or progress stops altogether.

You might also know that United States dollars can go farther in other countries. When other currencies drop in relation to the value of the US dollar, traveling to those countries become cheaper because a dollar “buys more.”

Combining these two ideas mean that donations that you make can have an outsized impact on communities around the world. Whereas building a school, for example, in the US can cost millions of dollars and take several years to complete, building a school in India can cost thousands of dollars and be built rather quickly.

The faster a building and infrastructure project can be completed, the faster that project can lift its community out of poverty and bring prosperity. Education—and the schools that enable it—are dollar for dollar the biggest impact investment. The children who attend school face better life outcomes than those who don’t. Children who receive educations out-earn those who don’t. Educated children are less likely to be child brides, and they have their first children at older ages when they’re more likely to be able to support them. Importantly, children who attend school are significantly more likely to send their own children to school, perpetuating the impact of the initial investment that built the school.

The Agrawal Family Foundation in Florida has taken up the mission of promoting education both domestically and abroad. Their technology-focused educational philosophy prepares children to compete in an ever-changing world. The Agrawal Family Foundation’s investment affects entire communities and future generations.