Three Ways to Support Children’s Charities


Charities for children are always in need of donations. Learning about which method of support suits you and your chosen charity can help you decide how you can positively affect children’s lives.

Whether you already know of a charity in your neighborhood or are seeking international impact, you can research many charities through the Internet. Many databases of charities exist where you can select criteria that best suit you and your interests. After you select charities to support, you then decide which way you’d prefer to support them.


Of course, financial contributions are what people commonly think of when donating to charities. You can donate pre-set or custom, one-time or recurring amounts based on how much you want to contribute.

Some charities receive donations to a general fund that the charity then allocates as needed. Other charities have the ability to receive donations that are earmarked for specific uses or accounts.

Many charities also appreciate donations of items or supplies that they need to complete their work. Most charities will provide a list of current needs; some even have Amazon wishlists that you can fulfill entirely online.


If you prefer in-person contributing and interacting with the organization staff and clients, you can volunteer. For charities that are local to your area—or for destination volunteering—you can give of your time in support of their missions. You might have skills or interests that align with a charity’s work; construction, administrative, mentoring, or event staffing are common needs that volunteers can fulfill.

Whether you want to participate only for a single charity event or commit to a regular volunteer schedule, charities often have need for both.


Simply spreading the word about charities you support can be a significant way to increase visibility and recognition of those charities.